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Julie Kohl (Owner- Principal Instructor)


At 16 I started my career as a professional dancer, which led me to perform and choreograph internationally for over 7 years. I practiced Pilates in that time to help cure dance related injuries, and it drastically improved my dancing technique. To this day I believe it to be the most beneficial exercise method out there!

I do yoga, ballet, fire dancing, and enjoy running on the beach. I love that Pilates enables me to do all these things pain free and with much more ease.


Our bodies can do amazing things, but we need to have a strong foundation to enjoy them. I believe Pilates offers that foundation. It’s one of the few exercises that tones you without bulk, builds true core strength, improves agility, increases your body awareness, and strengthens you without leading to injuries. I believe mindfulness and quality not quantity is key to greater results.

My goal is to add more value to your life by giving you the tools to feel positively connected to your body, and to help you enjoy the way you move in all areas of life!


BA Psyc.

Graduate Diploma of Psychology Advanced.

Australian Pilates Method Association Teacher Training.

Diploma of Contemporary Pilates with Tensegrity Training.

Developmental Neuromuscular Stabilisation Level 1 Teacher.

Certificate IV in Small Business Management.

Beginner level Yoga and Alexander Technique- Thailand.

Royal Academy of Dance, Intermediate examination.

Pre/Post Natal education with Taube Pilates.

Pilates facilitator in NYC, Berlin, and London.

Faculty for Pilates International Training Centre.

I continue to learn about the mind body connection through various movement therapies such as 5-Rythyms, Contact Improvisation, Ecstatic Dance and Somatic movement.






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