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Pilates and Sport Injury Prevention

Pilates is well known for its capacity to increase strength and endurance of our core postural muscles as well as having a range of other benefits including improvements in joint mobility, balance and coordination. Another, but less well-known benefit is its ability to amend muscular imbalances and prevent sporting ailments such as overuse injuries.

A number of famous athletes practice Pilates to not only enhance their performance but to help avoid common injuries. Professional golfer Tiger Woods, basketball star Jason Kidd and pitcher Curt Schilling all use Pilates as a way of building stability, increasing range of motion and to promote career longevity.

Participating in sporting activities with a more stable and flexible body decreases the chances of sustaining common injuries and sprains. Many Pilates exercises such as Cranes help to stabilise the ankles, knees and hips and other movements like foam roller leg lifts help you engage your core and increase your overall athletic performance.

In our private and semi private classes at Intuitive Body Pilates, our instructors can tailor a program to your needs depending on what sporting activities you regularly engage in and what potential injuries you may be susceptible to. Once we develop a customised program for you, we provide personal guidance using the Reformer and other specialised Pilates equipment to strengthen and condition the parts of the body that will best help prevent common injuries from occurring.



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