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Mat Pilates

Pilates is a special mind-body exercise method aimed at teaching you correct movement patterns, improve your posture, and develop deep core strength. Exercises require focus, precision and deliberate breathing techniques, emphasising the importance of quality, not quantity.

People often cure back pain and postural related discomfort through doing Pilates. It is the perfect exercise to add value to all other activities in life, and is suited to everyone from beginner to athlete.

We use small Pilates equipment including Thera bands, small balls, weights, magic circles and poles.

In 5 sessions you will feel a difference, in 10 you will see the difference, and in 20 you will have a whole new body. Recommended 2-3 times a week for best results.


Barre Fusion

A beautiful fusion of Ballet Barre, Aerobics, Pilates, and stretches flowing in time with music. Increase your heart rate, have fun, and tone up your legs, bum, arms, and tummy.

We use small Pilates balls, Thera bands, and weights in the class.

You do not need experience or good co-ordination for this class. In fact your co-ordination will improve as a result!

Open to all ages and levels. Move, feel, and look like a dancer!

Class requirements:
A Thera Band (exercise band) longer than normal length- minimum of 2.4m long. These can be purchased at the studio for $12.
A water bottle.
For your first time please arrive 5min early to fill out the pre-exercise form.

Stretch Your Mind

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Yin Yoga

A meditative, deep stretching Yoga practice. If you find you rush through life, or skip past the stretches in your workouts, then this class is for you.

Perfect for stress and anxiety relief, here you can slow down, quiet your mind, and deeply stretch the connective tissues in your body for longer lasting effects.


Yoga Flow

In this class you will explore the fundamentals of Vinyassa Yoga and deepen your knowledge. A more fluid Yoga class moving from one position to the next. Increase strength endurance, improve flexibility, reduce stress. If you have ever been curious about Yoga then this class is for you.

Find Balance


Reformer Pilates

A whole body workout using specialised Pilates apparatus that provides spring resistance. These classes will take your exercises to a whole new level and teach you how to move properly so you can enjoy a long healthy life!

These classes are optimal for:
Injury prevention and recovery
Pre/post natal exercise programs for women
Improving technique, strength, flexibility, and injury prevention for dancers
Working towards specific goals such as running a marathon, playing golf better, or improving your posture.

Unlike group classes, these are personalised programs suited to individual needs and are offered as Private, Duet, or Semi-Private (max 4 pers.) classes. An initial consultation is required before starting these classes.


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Fit Ball

Challenge your core to new levels. Shape up the backs of your legs, bottom, stomach, and arms while challenging your balance. A fun way to stay strong. Perfect for new mums wanting to reclaim strength and body confidence.

Benifits include: re-strengthening the pelvic floor muscles; heal diastasis separation of the abdominal wall; flattening the tummy; restabilising the joints; improving posture; increasing upper body strength; relieving lower back pain.








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